At UMD, we combine tradition and innovation for total Histopathology laboratory solutions. Instruments and consumables for the entire Histology laboratory workflow.

Autopsy, Dissection, Grossing

  • Scalpel Blades #70 GLASSVAN® Sterile, Carbon Blade UMD-H-SB70-MY Myco Medical Niraj Industries Pvt. Ltd. 2001T-70GV 100/Box
  • Scalpel Blades #60 GLASSVAN® Sterile, Carbon Blade UMD-H-SB60-MY Myco Medical Niraj Industries Pvt. Ltd. 3001T-60 100/Box
  • Scalpel Blades #22 Bard-Parker Rib-Back UMD-H-SB22-BP Vitalitymedical Aspen-Surgical 371156 150/Case
  • Disposable Scalpel #15C Retractable Blade, Stainless Steel, Sterile UMD-H-SD15C-MIL Steeles Miltex 4-515C 10/box
  • Trimming Blades 130mm UMD-H-TB130-MK Muto Kagaku 50/Box
  • Trimming Blades 260 mm UMD-H-TB260-MK Muto Kagaku 50/Box
  • Replaceable Blade Scissors, Sharp/Blunt Tissue-Tek® Accu-Edge® 51 mm (2″) UMD-H-SB1-AT AccuTec 4796 5/case

Fixation & Specimen Transport

  • 10% Formalin 5G Cubes UMD-H-F5G-SL PSL StatLab 1 Cube
  • 10% Formalin 60 mL Pre-filled Filled with 30 mL UMD-H-PF60-SL PSL 575A-30 50/case
  • 37% Formaldehyde 500 mL UMD-H-F37-RW Rankin Warehouse 1 Bottle
  • HydeAway Liquid Formalin Neutralizer UMD-H-FN-D McKesson Decon Labs 552308 1 Gallon
  • Disinfectant Virex 256 UMD-H-DIS-D Marchall Campbell Diversey DVO04332 4/case
  • Funnels, 71.5x27x55 mm Polystyrene, H x L x D, 60 degrees UMD-H-F55-GS Sycamore Life Sciences Global Scientific 8301 100/case
  • Specimen Containers 174 Oz Large, Non-Sterile UMD-H-SC174-OR Oak Ridge Products China 0495-1100 25/case
  • Specimen Containers 160 Oz Multipurpose, polyethylene UMD-H-SC160-OR Oak Ridge Products China 0490-1100 10/case
  • Specimen Containers 85 Oz Multipurpose, polyethylene UMD-H-SC85-OR Oak Ridge Products China 0485-1100 50/case
  • Specimen Containers 32 Oz Multipurpose, polyethylene UMD-H-SC32-OR Oak Ridge Products China 0432-1100 100/case
  • Screw Top Bucket 3.5G Life Latch, No Lid UMD-H-B3-USP US Plastic M&M Industries 3740 1 bucket
  • Screw Top Bucket 6.5G Life Latch, No Lid UMD-H-B6-USP US Plastic M&M Industries 3742 1 bucket
  • Screw Top Bucket Lids Life Latch, 3.5G or 6.5G UMD-H-BL-USP US Plastic M&M Industries 3743 1 lid Biopsy Wraps 2×3 Blue UMD-H-BW-AV Avantik EM0262-BL 500/Box
  • Filiter bags 31×43 mm Blue, PATHPOUCH UMD-H-FB-TS Mercedes Scientific TANNER SCIENTIFIC® PATHBAGBLU 1000/Box


  • Microtome Blades LP Monarch Low Profile 35 degree UMD-H-MBS-M1 Sturkey DT315M 50/Box
  • Microtome Blades LP Personna Low Profile UMD-H-MBE-P1 Medical Resources Epredia 72-0110 50/Box
  • Microtome Blades LP MX35 Ultra Low-profile, 80 mm UMD-H-AT1-U80 McKesson AccuTec 3053835 50/Box